Anyone who plays and watches tennis understands precisely what it means for gamers to win a grand slam title and what it means for lovers to be there and experience it all live. These are the very best players on the planet competing to win among the very prestigious and significant titles in tennis so that you know you can expect fireworks there. I myself watch and play with tennis, I really like all types of sport and play with them as well with friends but I never believed I will be watching a grand slam event. See, I am not from the states and where I live the tennis degree is ok but not the highest in the world, therefore my tennis experience was mostly from TV and the best was when I was watching it on high definition. So, imagine my surprise when my buddies arranged me with a birthday gift a ticket to the Roger Federer also called the US open.

us open tennis 2017 live stream

And so we all took the trip and enjoyed both US the city where the event happens and of course that the Roger Federer itself. I remember the large and beautiful stadiums, the cheer of those lovers, flags and individuals from all over the planet, everybody was happy, excited, thrilled, it was a grand slam event so that it meant watching the finest competing for a great deal of us open tennis 2017 live stream. Points and cash, shortly I will be seeing nadal, federer, Ruddick and all the best from the tennis world. Inside the scene it was even better. Everything was clean and ready to be played; people took their seats, grabbed something to eat and for this moment, for this time when the game was on you forget whatever there is. You get sucked into the world of best tennis and all troubles, anxieties, house, everything goes off  it is only you and the stadium as one thing, it is really a memorable experience, and expertise of a lifetime and it was for me and my friends.

I didn’t stay for the late stages of this championship but I will never forget the games I did watch. You have to understand, no match is routine in regards to a grand slam event game, even a game which seems easy isn’t always so and surprises occur, documents are being broken, so you just have to be there to witness it, experience it all live. What can I say, there is TV and even had and there is the real life, the real and authentic feeling of tennis and if you are watching it live, it is nothing you have ever experienced before. There are 4 major tournaments in the tennis season and they are the grand slams. The Roger Federer is the second one later the US open and this is a superb place to be with friends or loved ones.