car dealerHaving a car is the dream of every college. Being able to afford it is a different story as cars do not come cheap and students cannot afford to pay the cost. I also wanted to have my own car once I was in my sophomore year and while what I used to make by working part time in the local pizza delivery could have been enough to purchase the gas, I could only dream of having a car for myself. My dad came up with a solution when he showed me the section of the paper that had many used cars for sale advertisements. The cost on some of the used cars on sale was low enough to send my head spinning. My dad reminded me that one gets just what he pays and cautioned me to take it easy.

That weekend, my dad visited with places that had a range of used cars for sale in makes and available at various rates. We had quite a time sifted through a range of used cars for sale. My dad explained and showed the way to go about assessing a used car for sale in order to have the ability to determine whether the asking price is well worth it. As that was what we would decided that I must buy, we began with identifying what vendors had a hatchback in their stock. We exercised the price that I could afford. We set out to go to the neighborhood used car dealers and check out their used cars on sale.

Throughout the day we had a look at about 18-20 used car dealer. As they appeared to match our cost and quality standards, we narrowed our choices to 3. We checked the exteriors and interiors and the operation of the motors of those used cars and took them. We assessed the tires, headlights, brakes, horn, etc. And checked under these used cars to be certain there was no leakage. We ruled one of those cars due to some shortcomings. He wished to find an unbiased and independent review of both cars from a specialist mechanic before he made an offer to the 28, he knew. They were fine and the proud owner of my car!