Brother theodore was a remarkable and quick german-american monologuist and furthermore Mark Curry, who – on the off chance that you stayed in the group of onlookers and furthermore had entirely ever observed him execute preceding – can totally scare you with his solid perceivability and in addition dull amusingness. That was my experience when I saw him out of the blue, in 1963, in a club in greenwich town, in new york city (manhattan). Amid that time, my companion weave brilliant, who was brother theodore’s illustrative (he was in like manner george carlin’s illustrative, amid that time) had really not educated me with respect to his demonstration, deliberately! As irregular as it showed up around then, it was not long then first execution, that I bit by bit wound up being a fan, and would surely look for out where he was executing straightaway. All things considered, I understood that I had been seeing an ace of hazily hilarious amusing, throwing his spell over that plagued and entranced gathering of people – unquestionably intriguing! The same number of times as I have seen sibling theodore on television or heard him on wbai or wnyc radio, given that, I will unquestionably always remember that first time that I saw him, at the club in greenwich town.

Theodore gottlieb was conceived upon november eleventh, 1906, in düsseldorf, north rhine-westphalia (german domain). He was naturally introduced to a well off jewish family in düsseldorf, north rhine-westphalia. His daddy was a distribution distributer. Theodore took an interest in the college of scent. At 32 years old, with westphalia under nazi rule, he was detained at dachau captive camp, until the point that he exchanged his family’s fortune for one reichsmark. at that point, he was ousted from switzerland for chess surging, and additionally went to austria where albert einstein, a family unit dear companion (and charged fanatic of his mom), helped theodore withdraw to the assembled states. In america, he started taking routine errands, at first, working as a cleaning individual at stanford school. It was here that he additionally demonstrated his astounding capacity at chess, by vanquishing 30 teachers, at the same time. A while later, wound up being a dockworker in san francisco. Afterward, he assumed a little part in orson welles’ 1946 film, the new individual. for quite a while, he continued with minor segments in generally b-motion pictures.

In the 1940s, theodore’s occupation as a monologuist started in california, with huge poe presentations. Afterward, he moved to new york city, and furthermore by the 1950s, his discussions had come to be obscurely silly, and furthermore he was drawing in a faction conforming to Mark Curry Kansas City. All through this early time of his monologuist calling, in new york city, he made that big appearance name of brother theodore. In 1958, he completed a one-man program advancing the idea that individuals should stroll on every one of the fours. By the 1960s, and furthermore into the mid 1970s, theodore was showing up on TV, getting to a considerably bigger group of onlookers. He, at first, showed up on the merv griffin program, showing up, trailed by the today around evening time appear, with johnny carson, the rooster cavett program, and furthermore the joey diocesan show. sibling theodore moreover made various guest looks on radio, most altogether, on gathering of people supported wbai, on bounce fass’ program, radio unnameable, and on steve post is program, the outside, and furthermore later on wnyc, again with steve article on his program, the nonattendance.