A woman feels complete only when she delivers a baby. But having a baby is not easy. Fertilization in a single attempt happens one in a million. If you have been trying for so long and unable to have a baby, then it is indeed making you feel depressed but should not let the depression overtake you. Never doubt on your partner being infertile.  You will find many medicines in the market for increasing fertility, but all those should be avoided at all cost. There are several ways by which you can naturally increase fertility.  So, you should focus as to how to naturally increase fertility.

naturally increase fertility

Control Body Weight

Body weight can be a primary reason for not being able to conceive. So if you want a healthy baby, it is advisable that you must keep your body weight under control. Women with BMI between 25 to39 are considered to be obese or overweight and are under risk. The BMI level 18.5-24.9 is considered to be normal. So do exercise regularly and stay in shape. If you maintain this then certainly you will not have a problem is conceiving.

Take The Right Food

Proper consumption of food plays a pivotal role in fertilization. You must have Vitamin A and Vitamin C rich diet. Inclusion of green leafy vegetable in the diet is a must. You must avoid processed food if you want to conceive at the earliest. You must eat a balanced and nutrient rich diet. When you are planning to conceive a baby, you must start taking multivitamin supplements. Include colorful fruits in your regular diet. Eat healthy and fresh foods that will eventually help you to naturally increase fertility. You must not lead a sedentary life. Your life should be full of activities with the intake of proper food and adequate sleep.

Avoid Harmful Drinks And Tobacco

It is highly recommended that you must avoid taking coffee in much amount. You must reduce the amount of caffeine intake as it can have a negative impact on the health. If your partner is a smoker then he must quit smoking as it lowers the sperm count. For women it is also harmful. Women who smoke experience menopause earlier than the usual and it damages the eggs. Thus, it makes a woman infertile. A complete hormonal instability in the body occurs with the intake of too much caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. So limit the intake of coffee and quit alcohol and smoking