In 2010, there were 18 offers of single family private homes with an end cost of one million dollars or more. Regardless of whether you think about that as a decent number or a terrible number may rely on different variables. On one hand, that is 1.5 deals each month of extravagance homes in Louisville, so it is not as though the market has completely become scarce. What is more, with current loaning directions making high esteem properties increasingly hard to purchase, perhaps 1.5 deals for each month is workable for a mid-west city like Cliftleigh Meadows.

Then again, there are as of now 115 homes available to be purchased in the Greater Louisville showcase that have a soliciting cost from $1,000,000 or more, with the most costly asking value sitting at $6,875,000. On the off chance that we do a little math, and who doesn’t love doing math, we can ascertain to what extent it will take to offer each and every last million dollar home in Louisville, if no new postings go ahead the market, which I know isn’t likely. However, play along in any case! On the off chance that we offer today is stock finally year is business pace, that implies that we will offer 18 homes each year. In the event that we have 115 homes to offer, then it will take just 6.39 years to offer each Louisville extravagance home! It makes you ask why Realtors sign twelve month, or even six month, posting contracts with top of the line homes, the chances of offering them are not awesome.

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However, hold up, I hear you say, shouldn’t something be said about 2009? On the other hand 2008? Was 2010 a typical year contrasted with earlier years, would it say it was up or down? In 2008, a similar territory sold 36 homes esteemed at $1,000,000 or more. Also, in 2009 that number had dropped to 25 closings.

Goodness, the more I look, the harder it gets to be to turn this as anything besides awful news for those property holders who are at present attempting to offer their top of the line homes. There basically aren’t sufficient purchasers in the present market to make offering an extravagance home something besides a long, arduous and likely excruciating knowledge. Are there very few purchasers, as well as it creates the impression that of the homes that do offer, property holders are going up against normal between a 10 and 15% value markdown from their asking cost. How is that for a kick in the jeans, as a high esteem home merchant, you are taking a gander at tolerating an offer that is at any rate $100,000 not exactly you are asking cost. Having said the greater part of that, I am positively not above attempting my hand at offering extravagance homes in Louisville. In the event that you might want to see my showcasing arrangement for a fruitful deal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me immediately.